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Eco-Boost works by releasing enzymes that are naturally found  inside natural and man-made bacteria. This helps the bacteria to work more quickly and effectively. Eco-Boost helps eliminate sludge, ammonia, cloudy water and odors. Safe for any type of man-made or earth bottom pond. There are no restrictions for swimming, pets, plants or fish when used as directed.   Available in 16 fl. oz. and 32 fl. oz. concentrate.

Our robust barley provides good bacteria that is necessary for ponds. Once barley is placed in the water, it begins to decompose and release minute amounts of natural bacteria. When used in conjunction with Eco-Boost, pond problems clear up much faster. Available in 3 - 4 oz. bags and single 4 oz. bags.

Bacteria cannot fully take away pond problems on its own because the contaminants are too large for the bacteria to absorb. This is why our protein based enzymes (Eco-Boost) are so important. Eco-Builder breaks down sludge, ammonia and cloudy water when used alone, however once the bacteria become 'full', it will stop working. Eco-Boost helps the bacteria become active again and keep it working form a much longer period of time.  Available in 16 fl. oz. and 32 fl. oz. Also available in a 40 oz. dry mixture.

City water contains chlorine or chloramine which are toxic to aquatic life. Even low levels of these chemicals can damage the tissue of snails, frogs and other aquatic life. Chlor-Nix also nullifies metals; lead, copper, zinc and magnesium, which are poisonous to aquatic life. Available in 16 fl. oz. and 32 fl. oz.

Immediately creates excellent water quality and cleans up debris and string debris. Can be used year round. Will prevent unpleasant water conditions while maintaining total alkalinity and pH balance.  Available in 1 lb., 3 lb. and 5 lb.

Make opening your pond in the spring a more pleasant experience! Eco Close helps reduce spring clean up by slowly digesting contaminants such as oils, dust, pollen and leaves, which normally accumulate during the winter months. When Eco Close is used in conjunction with an aeration system, the results are even better! Available in 16 fl. oz. and 32 fl. oz.

First Choice and Winning Gourmet

Koi & Goldfish Food

      • Essential Minerals

      • Nutritionally Correct Formula

      • Non-Clouding Pellets

      • Long Floating

      • Stabilized Vitamin C


Plant Boost Spikes


• Pre-Measured

• Easy To Use

• Feeds The Roots For Beautiful



Easy to use, pre-measured plant food spikes that feed the plants roots for beautiful blooms and more vigorous growth. Use one spike per plant every 4 weeks.  12 spikes per package.

Eco-Boost Pond Clarifier

Helps Eliminate...

      • Slime & Sludge

      • Cloudy Water

      • Ammonia

• Eliminates Odors

• Safe For Fish, Plants, Pets & Wildlife


Eco-Builder Pond Bacteria

Biological Builder...

      • Preps New Pond Water

      • Starts Pond Water in Spring

      • Microbe Builder


• Ammonia/Nitrates

• Sludge


Barley Bags

• Preps water for entire season

• Breaks down sludge & slime

• Use in Spring and Fall

• One 4 oz. bag treats up to 500 gallons


Chlor-Nix Chlorine Eliminator


      • Zinc

      • Copper

      • Lead

      • Magnesium

• Makes Well Water & City Water Safe

   For Aquatic Life


Oxi-Sweep Pond Oxidizer

For Use In...

      • Ponds

      • Fountains

      • Water Falls

• Cleans Up 'String' Debris

• Adds Additional Oxygen

• Creates Excellent Water Quality


Eco Close Fall & Winter Treatment

Breaks Down...

      • Oils

      • Dust

      • Pollen

      • Leaves

• Reduces Spring Clean Up


Our First Choice formula is non-corn food. Corn, commonly found in many neo-catfish foods is used to fatten food fish because these fish are sold by the pound. 35% protein stabilized vitamin C, a blend of color enhancers and necessary minerals and wheat germ makes this diet an excellent food for your pet fish. Remember, Koi & Goldfish fed corn based food build internal fat and usually die prematurely. First Choice prevents this and keeps fish at healthier weight levels.

For extra nutrition and color enhancement, we offer Winning Gourmet Premium Gourmet Food for your Koi or Gold Fish. Winning Gourmet provides essential minerals and color enhancers in a nutritionally complete and correct formula. Compares to the more expensive foods from Japan, but for much less. All of our food is made in smaller batches and this ensures that you get the freshest food available on the market today. Excellent food at an excellent price. Both foods are  available in 8 oz. and 16 oz.




We provide all natural, eco-friendly, bacteria-free protein based cleansing products. We are committed to providing products that are environmentally friendly and that are 100% safe for animals, people and plants. We offer many uniquely formulated products for many different applications. From outdoor birding to pool & spa and everything in  between!


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