Naturally Powerful Cleansing Solutions

All that's needed is a small amount to see beautiful growth & yields! Soil Booster Earthworm Castings have a high availability of nutrients, are odor free and will not burn. Castings consist of thousands of cylindrically shaped pellets that resist packing and keep soil loose. This allows oxygen to permeate and remain in the root zone where is it vitally needed. Excellent for house plants, vegetables, flowers and more!  Available in 1 lb., 3 lb. and 5 lb.

Highly Concentrated. A balanced combination of adjuvant, wetting agent, penetrant, and biostimulant all in one proprietary blend. We utilize the most concentrated blend of purified protein based enzymes designed to improve the overall health of soil by breaking down essential amino acids and other organic compounds. This blend of multiple nonionic surfactants work in harmony allowing water and micro-nutrients to penetrate into the root zone where they are needed.

 Available in 128 fl. oz.



A two in one product! Breaks down sludge, organic stains and biofilm in hydroponic systems. When used in new systems, RENEW! helps prevent organic buildup. RENEW! helps keep aeration pumps and lines unclogged so they perform at maximum efficiency. RENEW! also acts as a fertilizer, helping plants have better nutrient uptake so they produce more foliage, fruit or flowers. RENEW! works during all phases of growth, from seedling to harvest.  Available in 16 fl. oz.

Contains safe and natural protein based enzymes that helps increase moisture retention in fresh cut trees. One 2 ounce bottle will keep the tree greener and fresher throughout the holiday season. No mixing or measuring necessary!  Available in 2 fl. oz.

Soil Booster® Earthworm Castings

For Use In...

      • House Plants

      • Vegetable Gardens

      • Flowers

• Adds Additional Oxygen To Roots

• Creates Beautiful Growth & Yields


Turf / Soil Booster - Enzymatic

For Use In...

• Develops Deeper Roots

• Enhances Fertilizer Uptake

• Increased Crop Productivity

• Promotes Ecological Balance

• Decreases Chemical Costs

• Compatible With Insecticides,

   Fungicides and Miticides


RENEW! Hydroponic

System Cleanser

& Plant Boost

System Cleanser Breaks Down...

      • Sludge

      • Organic Buildup

      • Biofilm

Plant Boost Provides...

• Improved Nutrient Uptake

• Increased Foliage


Christmas Tree Preserve

• Keeps Your Tree Fresher and Greener


• One Time Application

• No Mixing or Measuring


We provide all natural, eco-friendly, bacteria-free protein based cleansing products. We are committed to providing products that are environmentally friendly and that are 100% safe for animals, people and plants. We offer many uniquely formulated products for many different applications. From outdoor birding to pool & spa and everything in  between!


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