Naturally Powerful Cleansing Solutions

A balanced package of natural protein based enzymes that are highly concentrated and formulated for lakes and lagoons. Helps eliminate sludge, odor, cloudy water and organic matter by releasing enzymes that are naturally found in indigenous bacteria. When used in conjunction with an aeration system, the results are superior. There are no swimming restrictions after application.   Available in 64 fl. oz.,  128 fl. oz. and 128 fl. oz. Concentrate.



Eco-Builder Lake Bacteria

• Preps Water

• Detoxifier

• Sludge Build-Up

• Starts Biological Filters

• Breaks Down Ammonia/Nitrates

• Reproduces in 30 Minutes


Highly concentrated. Designed to jump start a lake with the proper aerobic bacteria. Aerobic bacteria feed on the nutrients that cause common problems such as algae and green water. When using both Eco-Boost and Eco-Builder, the results are much faster. Provides a healthier environment for fish and aquatic life.  Available in 4 oz., 8 oz. dis-solvable pouches and 1 lb. sock.

Eco-Boost Natural Lake Clarifier

Helps Eliminate...

      • Sludge

      • Odor

      • Cloudy Water

      • Organic Matter

• Safe For Birds, Fish & Wildlife

• No Swimming Restrictions After Applying



We provide all natural, eco-friendly, bacteria-free protein based cleansing products. We are committed to providing products that are environmentally friendly and that are 100% safe for animals, people and plants. We offer many uniquely formulated products for many different applications. From outdoor birding to pool & spa and everything in  between!


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