Naturally Powerful Cleansing Solutions



Neutralizes urine, fecal and compost matter in stalls, barns and barnyards. Also excellent for use in goat pens and chicken coops! Works on musty odors and skunk odors. Ammonia and sulfur odors are eliminated quickly and easily. Slurry pits remain liquefied without biomass layers. Improves fertilizer usage; uptake of nutrients is doubled when applied to fields. One 32 fl. oz. concentrated bottle will make up to 50 gallons of ready to use product. Available in 32 fl. oz and 128 fl. oz. concentrates and 32 fl. oz. Hose-End Sprayer Bottle.

Farm Odor & Manure Digester

• Eliminate Odors

• Does Not Mask Odor

• Helps Liquidize Slurry

• Long Lasting

• Accelerates Waste Decomposition

• Easy To Use, Bottle Attaches Directly To Hose

Provides cleaner and healthier water by breaking down organic contaminants. Cleaning becomes easy; simply rinse debris away with a hose, no more scrubbing! One ounce will treat up to 250 gallons of trough water weekly. Available in 16 fl. oz., 32 fl. oz. and 128 fl. oz.

Trough Cleanse

Breaks Down...

      • Film

      • Residue

      • Organic Contaminants

• Water Tension Eliminator


We provide all natural, eco-friendly, bacteria-free protein based cleansing products. We are committed to providing products that are environmentally friendly and that are 100% safe for animals, people and plants. We offer many uniquely formulated products for many different applications. From outdoor birding to pool & spa and everything in  between!


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